new shop is live!

That’s right!
The new online shopping destination for Gwen Erin Natural Fibers is finally open.

I hadn’t really planned to work on it today, but then I did. And now it is open for business. I am excited about the new look and the new opportunities it presents. Not only do I have fiber listed, I also have Eucalan available and the tote bags!

As I mentioned before, the main goal with this shop is to have older inventory and destash items for sale instead of spinning them myself. Since the roving and top are “well traveled” I have discounted them. It’s all still useable, you just may want to do more predrafting than usual. Or use them in a felting project. Or card them. Or maybe you won’t notice a difference.

Take a look. Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions. Since these are destash items, I will not be bringing them on the road. This means I will be able to have the shop open all year round, even during festival season. Hopefully this will be easier for me to maintain and better for you. No more, “Is it open? Is it closed?” Simply, it is open!

Thank you!

product showcase!

One way I have grown my business through the years is by selling spinning and knitting accessories crafted by talented friends. I have put together a collection of handmade goodies that compliment my own fibers and yarn. It’s been a great way to¬†support other small businesses, supplement my inventory, and increase the general appeal of my business.

My inventory reflects a variety of handmade items, some of which I have created and some created by other artists and crafters. Over the next few weeks I will be showcasing the wonderful collection of handcrafted spinning and knitting accessories I have gathered together.

Stay tuned for more about these fine artists :

  • Nature’s Honey Craft Soaps
  • Beaded Stitch Markers by Jan
  • Valkyrie Supply
  • Michelle’s Assortment of Crafty Creations


event recap

This was year #5 for me at A Knitter’s Fantasy. While it isn’t the highest scoring event on the schedule, it is still special. This was my first step into the world of yarn shows (back in 2010). I appreciate its proximity to my house: about 7 1/2 miles. I enjoy setting up Friday night. I am glad the booth fee is reasonable. And of course, I always love seeing my fellow vendors and friends. Ana and I shared an 8×16 booth again. My half is pictured below.


This year I quietly debuted my newest dyed item: Companion Colors. I only had three pairs, so it was more of an experiment than a grand introduction. Mostly I think they were ignored, but I did sell one to someone who was very happy to take it home. I am looking forward to playing around with the process more during my next dye day. Perhaps by Great Lakes I’ll have a nice stock of them and do a bigger display (with signs).

Right before packing (and I mean RIGHT BEFORE) I was still labeling yarn and fiber. I’ve been fiddling a bit with my tags, so some items had a newly updated version. I’ve been trying to print horizontal labels, but it’s actually been somewhat difficult. I don’t use any fancy image software and whenever I print things, they always come out grainy or fuzzy. The best method yet has been to print a sticky label and attach it to the band. I used them for new Sheep Tones skeins and the Companion Colors. I do like the way they look, however, the edges of the label are coming up! Blarg.