I almost forgot…

Remember how I went to the Great Lakes Fiber Show the last weekend of May?  Well, that also happened to be the first weekend we had the house, so it was slightly crazy.  The outcome of the skein competition went something like this:


Sadly only one skein actually had an competition. Even more laughable, I received second place against no other yarns! It’s quite disappointing that the turn-out was so low this year. It’s not really a competition if you win all by yourself.

Additionally, I had taken a mystery fleece to the show so I could leave it off with Ohio Valley Natural Fibers. The only notation I have about this particular fleece is a bit of paper I found with the locks that says “yearling” – and if memory serves, I think it’s from a friend who has sheep. I ought to ask her if she can help me identify it. Regardless, I have already gotten the finished fiber back!! UNBELIEVABLE. It took them a total of perhaps 2 weeks to process and ship it to me. And it looks quite nice. Still some VM, but it’s farmy wool, so that’s ok. I got about 5.5 pounds back and, due to my highly unscientific awesomeness, I don’t know what the weight was going in. Doesn’t help that I don’t have a reliable scale either. But it was a positive experience. Now I have two good mills to pick from!

more pops of color!

As you might expect, I like color!  Bright ones, fun ones.  Which is why we (we meaning me) chose perky colors for the walls of our new house.  I didn’t want colors that were so pale, they looked like nothing.  You saw the bright blues in the living room; we are using those colors upstairs in the bedrooms.

This weekend we focused on the front bedroom. The cracks and dings have been patched all along the walls. We filled in the gaps in the woodwork; painted the trim a fresh white. The darker blue from the living room and the yellow from the kitchen were the paint colors used. It is quite bright and we’re very pleased with the way it turned out!

bedroom reno 06.10
bedroom 06.12

say goodbye to the PINK!

Up to this point we have completed the painting in two rooms, one of which is the living room.  Originally the walls and ceiling were both pink; now the ceiling is white and the walls are blue.  The majority of the room is light blue, but one wall is a darker blue which we also used on the cornices over the windows.  All the trim was brightened up with new white paint. It’s looking good and encouraging us to keep going.

PS. We also finished the spare room.

reno 06.06.10

reno 06.06.10

here we go!!

front view
View from the street

It’s been one week since we successfully closed on our H O U S E.  Thursday night when we got the keys, we stayed at the house until midnight.  Since then, it’s been one long day after another.  Some progress is noticeable, but most of it consists of spackling, caulking, scraping, sanding.  However, Monday we finally got some real paint up on the walls and I am very pleased with the color choices!  I can’t say for certain why I chose the blue for the living room, but we both really like it.

You can follow our progress by checking out this collection on my Flickr account.  It’s named “1925 House” after all those neat shows where they had modern folks experiencing life at other times in history.  If you’ve never seem them, I highly recommend it.  There are several different ones including the 1900 House, 1940s House, Frontier House and others.  Needless to say, our house was built in 1925.  Even though we are not trying to completely recreate the style of the times, it’s still pretty nifty to think of what was going on when this was built.

Most of the first floor is a complete mess right now.  Luckily we have all of June to get things in order before we are moving in.  All of the furniture was left in the dining room and the tools have been abandoned in the kitchen.  I tried to take some of the wallpaper off, just to see what it was going to take.  You can see that I didn’t get very far.  We discovered in the process, however, that the soffit was placed on the wall, rather than actually being the wall.  Basically this means we can remove it and put in cabinets instead.  That’s awesome considering we’ve got 9 foot ceilings throughout the first floor.  Think of all that storage!

Wallpaper in kitchen
kitchen is a mess!
Made a mess in the kitchen