compelled to try

Newsflash! I have a short attention span. And that might just be the main reason I end up spinning fat yarn… because I can’t be bothered to take the time to spin finer. Plus I don’t think I treadle fast enough even on the highest ratio. Which is why I am thinking about getting the lace flyer for my wheel, but I also need to use my lightweight drop spindle more often.

Well, I forced myself to suffer through [merely] four ounces of Falkland, spinning it finer than normal in order to navajo-ply it and not end up with a heavy weight yarn. That bobbin is so FULL.

Falkland single

But this one is filling up much quicker!


equivalent of the potty dance

You know that squirmy little dance children do when they have to tinkle?  Admittedly I might do it on occasion even now…  Well, I suppose you might say that’s how I felt about spinning some of my newly dyed fiber.  Since the roving went outside to dry, it took no time at all, and it was ready for me today.  I haven’t done any wheel spinning all summer and I haven’t done much dyeing either.  It just feels so good to be back to it.  I can smell the wool as it’s drying on the porch! drool. I love the smell of warm wool.

This yarn is really dark and so different than my usual pale stuff.  Thanks to all the dark grey that needed to be used up.  It’s more impressive in person.

new romney!

happily occupied

Beautiful day here in north eastern Ohio. I’ve enjoyed having the windows open all through the house. Did I mention there is an amazing amount of natural light in this place? Sometimes I think I’ve left a light on, but it’s just the sun. I decided I’d try to do a little more putting away of things and while I was working on that, I had my crock pots going. Since it always seems to take longer in the crock pot, I just let it sit for a while and go do something else for a bit. It’s working quite well. In fact, maybe I’ll just do this instead of large batches.

Finally replaced the ink in our color printer. It was running low right before Knitter’s Fantasy, so some of my labels were funky looking. But with all the other things going on this summer, I didn’t get around to buying the ink, nor did I need to. But with fall coming and my ability to dye once more, it’s good to have a usable printer! Also ordered some new business cards from Moo. Their products are a bit costly, but they are so adorable! I decided on the upload your own cards, so one side has my info and the other side has photos of different items I’ve made. They are beautiful! Watch me not give any out.

And now I must pay tribute to something wonderful that I haven’t had in maybe 15 years. That would be a functional front porch! When I was little we lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan and we had a great enclosed front porch. I remember playing out there and watching the freighters roll by on the river. The last three places I’ve lived haven’t had more than a cement slab to get you into the front door. But here we have a real porch for sitting and wind chimes and drying wool! To be honest, I’m looking forward to decorating for the holidays…

romney roving

sigh, finally I dye

Perhaps things are finally settling down? This weekend Rich installed our lovely new ceiling fan/light in the kitchen.
kitchen fan
Good timing too with the days getting shorter. We still don’t have a functioning stove, but I did manage to find  my dyeing crock pots. They are currently set up in the kitchen, cooking away. I’m working on some of the fiber I had processed this summer. In May I had taken a fleece (Romney) to Maryland and bought one (Corriedale) there. Thanks to Zwool, I now have two beautiful bags of roving to play with this fall! I started with the Romney and it’s quite silky and soft; much better than commercial Romney I’ve purchased in the past.
romney balls
I look forward to sharing it with everyone.

I’m finishing up the remaining Cushings dyes, so things are looking a little odd.
low on dye
Unfortunately I’m almost out of everything except dark grey. And of course you don’t need much of that. I suppose I could just use it up on a few ounces and then blend it with other colors on the drumcarder.
back to dyeing

home again!

Got home safely (though not without some amount of stress) from Pennsic Sunday night. And now I must reestablish a routine that wasn’t quite established in the first place! I didn’t take any photos this time around, but I might be able to get some from my dad. This was my 8th year going and it was a good one!

We had decent weather for most of the two weeks, although it rained A LOT the night before we went home and that meant everything was wet when we packed up. But now it’s drying in our yard and looking rather tacky. hahahaha. I didn’t make it to many classes, but the ones I attended were quite interesting. There was a flax prep class that I went to, so now I have a better understanding of flax and linen. I’d like to try spinning it, but the growing part is extremely lengthy. Also learned about making lotion, spinning fine, and Old French. Rich and I made many exciting purchases. Both of us got a pair of linen stockings. I got two pairs of leather shoes, books, spinning gadgets, accessories, fabric, etc. So many fun little things, I can’t even name them all!

The BIG Post-Pennsic Sale is currently taking place at Gwen Erin [Natural Fibers] : Each category will go on sale individually. Today all the BFL combed top has been marked down. Check it out and find something to your liking!