a fancy new spindle

At War Practice I bought a new top whorl spindle from the Spanish Peacock. Frankly I’m not sure why I wanted it, but I did. When I took the top whorl spinning class last year at Pennsic, I found out how excellent they were for fine yarns. Ever since I’d been thinking that getting a nicer spindle (not a dowel and toy wheel) might be beneficial. Plus I enjoyed the little fancy end he put on it. Only problem: it does not have a notch in the whorl, which would’ve been helpful.

top whorl spindle

I dug out some old practice fiber to see just how fine I could get it. Here is a picture of my finest yarn yet. Not sure the WPI at the moment. It measures a mere 21 yards. But it wasn’t too difficult, so I think I may continue to pursue fine spinning.

lace weight

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