a knitter’s fantasy!

I’m excited to announce that I will be vending at A Knitter’s Fantasy this year. It’s taking place April 10 at Chaney High School in Youngstown, Ohio. The marketplace will be open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and costs $3 to get in. So come on down and see me!

Rich and I have gone to shop a few times. There are a lot of yarn shops that set up along with some farms and crafters. Now that I have all my knitting necessities and don’t need to spend an entire day shopping, I thought it would be a great place to set up a table and sell some yarn. It’s very close to where I live and it’s scheduled at a great time – several months after my Christmas show. Plus I don’t have to do any knitting. I’ll be bringing my handspun yarn, dyed top/roving, and dyed locks.

Get more info at [http://www.northcoastknitting.org/]
Just click on the “Knitter’s Fantasy” link!

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