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Sometimes things happen differently than you imagine. Sometimes you don’t have anything in mind and something unexpected happens. Sometimes things work out in a way you wouldn’t have guessed simply because someone else is lame.

So, here’s the story. And you know how I like a good long-winded story!

Many years ago I bought a bottle of Kookaburra wool wash. It was one of my first purchases as a new knitter. I used it a few times and then I bought a bottle of Eucalan wool wash (because you have to try everything, right?). Then the Kookaburra disappeared. Seriously. It just vanished from the laundry room. No one knew or even now knows what happened to it. Although I was upset about it, I just went ahead and used the Eucalan since it was there. Then, as a merchant, I decided to inquire about carrying the product since I enjoyed it so much. And now I do.

eucalan display

When I first began washing my own fleeces, I used Dawn dish soap, just like I read on all the blogs. It seemed to work fine. But then a new product came out! Unicorn Power Scour! It was expensive, but I was quite impressed until I tried to make it last a little longer by using less. That is when I noticed my fleeces were still tacky after they dried. However, after making a few adjustments — like not cramming 9 lbs of fleece into my washing machine with only 3-4 squirts of soap — things were coming out clean again. I began to wonder… maybe I should investigate the wholesale aspect of Unicorn products? Sadly, as a small business without a store front, there is a limit to the companies who are willing to work with me and Unicorn appears to be the “brick and mortar required” type.

Eventually I decided to invest in the big 64 ounce jug of Power Scour. It was one of the three things on my shopping list for Maryland. I searched and searched, but only found one vendor with the product and no big bottles at all. Booo! Then something totally unexpected happened. On Saturday afternoon, just at the end of the day, after I had been crabby all morning, we ate fried pickles and walked around the booths at the far end of the festival. I wandered into the Kookaburra tent. There they had a 64 ounce jug of Kookaburra wool scour. Even though I have never tried it, I took the plunge and bought the big bottle. I also got a small bottle of “Power”, their household cleaner. The woman I spoke with is part of the family who owns the business and she gave me information on wholesale. Awesome! I didn’t even think about that going in, but it was pretty cool to make a contact for the future. You may see Kookaburra products in my booth sometime in the future…

kookaburra scour

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