a work in progress

That’s a fairly broad statement. My life is a work in progress. My collections are a work in progress. My knitting is a work in progress. And the weather. The progress today is cold. But even though it was chilly, the sun was out, so I made a spur of the moment decision to go out to that flea market where I found that nice box of buttons a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if anyone would be there, but there were a few vendors.

I bought a bag of buttons for 50 cents. The woman kept saying “50 cents” and I wasn’t sure if she meant per card/baggie or for the ENTIRE bag. She meant the entire bag. So I bought one.

more buttons

Also found this interesting sauce pan. It was $1.00 and says: “Austria email – Made in Austria” EH?? Is it not an older piece? What does that even mean?

sauce pan

When I got home I decided it was time I cleaned the Fiber Den. Everything was beginning to pile up in a very ugly, embarrassing, and unhelpful sort of way. I had misplaced several items, so I was also looking for those. Of course I ended up with an obnoxious little heap of stuff in the middle of the room that I didn’t quite know what to do with. That always happens when I’m cleaning a room. Papers or unfinished projects or miscellaneous pieces of junk. And then I just stuff them into a tiny corner and forget about them.

4 thoughts on “a work in progress

  1. email means enamel — that popped out of some random neuron somewhere. I’m guessing that’s that enamel over metal cookware?

    Thank you SO MUCH for the handspun wonderfulness and the other amazing treats! This weekend I will catch up with blogging and publicly thank you (and show off). Not being a spinner (well, just once, enough to really appreciate it!), I LOVE handspun and will now be plotting an appropriate project for it, but for now just love to look at it! And the other goodies were loverly too, oh yes!
    : )

  2. Love the mint green buttons and the pot, very cool. Same thing happens to me with cleaning – my craft room is also the guest room – which I had to “clean” for guests this weekend. That means I just threw things in bags, boxes, and closets and will have no idea where anything actually is until I rip it all apart again…ugh!

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