holiday saleThings began in 2006 with a holiday craft show and just a few handknit fingerless mitts. Over time I began selling my handspun yarn and dyed fiber at shows and online. I realized I enjoyed working with specific breeds, so I started searching out unique fleeces from local farms. I like how each breed and each sheep gives you a different fiber. There is always something new to experiment with and learn about.

My process is very unscientific. When I’m dyeing, I let the colors mingle as they will, so each time it’s a bit of surprise. The more planning I do, the less enjoyable the experience becomes, so I decided to just follow the method that works for me. It may not be highly repeatable or result in 5 pounds of the same color, but that makes life more interesting. Each item is one of a kind, so if you are looking for variety, you will always find it either with the ever-changing breeds of wool or the unpredictable colors.

Sales primarily take place at yarn and fiber shows throughout the year. My circuit is Ohio and western Pennsylvania, although I have ventured into New York. In 2008 I opened an Etsy shop, but it hasn’t been very successful. With my constantly shifting inventory, it was hard to maintain it, and now I think I am finally closing it for good. However, I recently opened an online destash shop through Storenvy. It will be open all through the year and have some discounted older stock in addition to other exclusive goodies.

Indie Knit & Spin

  • Some of the hand crafted items you will find in my booth :
    • Carded batts
    • Dyed wool locks
    • Dyed roving & top
    • Handspun yarn (natural & dyed)
    • Knitwear
  • Other spinning & knitting accessories :
    • Valkyrie Turkish spindles
    • Eucalan products
    • Knitting notions