and yet another (box)

I am going full blast on ordering things!

Last week I decided to buy a set of wood folding shelves. They are a style I’ve seen around at shows for a long time, even in SCA merchant booths, but I could never find them. Every time I typed “folding wood shelf” into Google I’d get something that was more of a bookshelf than anything else and only about 3 feet high. About a year ago I bought two of those type and one immediately became integrated into the house (now full of CDs and videos). The other has been used as an endcap and filled with bags of locks. I don’t dislike it, but I wanted something that was tall enough to stand on its own and didn’t require squatting to reach the bottom.

table set-up  Great Lakes Fiber Show

 I ended up finding the long sought after shelves at Woodland Marketing. It was recommended by someone on Ravelry (same place I heard about Got Print!). I browsed through the different heights and widths, and decided to go with the 5′ x 4′. I thought it would be a manageable size for me, and I can use the 4 foot shelves I already have to add more space. I think these will go well with my crates in color and style.

Can’t wait to fill them up!

Did I mention they were marked 40% off?

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  1. This post – THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for display shelves for my craft fair display and been unimpressed with available selection and DIY options until I found your post. Lifesaver, I can’t wait to place an order for a pegboard screen and shelves. Thanks again for sharing. Joy

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