baby items complete!

As the title indicates, the baby items are complete. I worked on the hat Saturday and Sunday, finishing it in the evening. I looked around for a hat pattern that I wanted to use, but I didn’t see any that I suited my needs. So, I started knitting and just went for it! It needed to be pointy and amusing on top, so I decreased very slowly. Not having much experience “designing as I go” (or whatever) it just became what it became. I wish I could see it on an actual infant, but I do not know any. 

baby hat

The person who requested them is very pleased. I’m happy that I finally got to knit baby things for a real baby. And that I didn’t follow a pattern for the hat. All the pieces together:  

baby set

2 thoughts on “baby items complete!

  1. Oh, how cute! I love the hat! I wouldn’t be able to resist putting just a little something on the top. A bell? A pom? Some sort of “poof!”

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