big fat yarn

This guy ended up in my photostream February 19, but I didn’t say anything about it. It’s a Country Spinner and it belongs to Cosy. I took it home after a day of spinning to see if anyone in Ohio could get it working. Treadling was more or less impossible, the wheel is warped, and the driveband kept slipping. I told my dad to consider making a new wheel, which seemed doable to him. In the meantime, though, Richard had a closer look at it. And he put a rubber band around the bobbin, where the driveband was slipping. Amazingly, it worked! (Note: I am not amazed that he fixed it, I’m amazed it was that simple. He was offended that I thought he couldn’t fix it).

country spinner

Which leads to these two gigantor skeins of yarn. They are both the weirdo free wool from Indiana that I wasn’t sure what to do with because it’s short and obnoxious.  Apparently spinning it huge is the solution. The 2ply I dyed with koolaid after spinning. It weighs 4 ounces and could be 50 yards (I don’t remember). The natural singles weighs a whopping 7 ounces! Maybe 100 yards? I think I’ll just spin the remainder of the fiber as such.

big mama

fat singles

2 thoughts on “big fat yarn

  1. when i originally decided that i didn’t like merino that was my solution too 🙂 actually, i did intentional thick and then bulky.

    funny how just through practice, now i don’t mind it and can spin it fine in all forms.

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