broad horizons.

I noticed that, whenever I did a tag search on Flickr, none of my pictures were coming up. As an experiment, I logged out to see if that would help, it didn’t. Then I looked at all the people who had images returned in the search to see if they were all pro-accounts, they  weren’t. Then I searched in the discussion forum and found a topic from several months ago where LOTS of people were experiencing the same issue! They suggested  asking Flickr to review my account because it was categorized as something that prevents searches. So they reviewed it and now my pictures show up in searches!!! I’m hoping this may get more people to see them. One never knows.

There are a few things I’m working on. First is exposure. I figure getting into rings and such might help to get me ‘seen’, since I don’t have an extensive group of fiber friends chomping at the bit to see what I’m doing. I do have to say that my non-fiber friends are very supportive even though they probably aren’t that interested. The other thing I’m working on is more mental. I have to continually remind myself that it’s ok if my stuff doesn’t come out like your stuff. When I dye roving, it doesn’t have to look like what your roving looks like. I can’t say that I have any trademark ‘look’, but I shouldn’t try to make mine be like everyone else’s. Sometimes I wish I could pick their brains and figure out how they do what they do, but over time and with practice and experimentation, I’ll just keep learning.

I’m feeling much better about Fiber Blog 2.0 and I thank all of you who are making it a success.

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