buckle down

Yikes! I gotta get a-knittin’. Last year after the Holiday Craft Sale, I said I was going to work all year long to build up a stock of items. Did I? NO! Well, I did to a small degree, but nearly as much as I should have. Now that there are only a few weeks before the sale, I really need to concentrate on making more fingerless mitts and neckwarmers. I’m going with my usual ribbed mitts, but this year I’m adding a new style. Cosy gave me the go-ahead to use her garter stitch handwarmers, so I’ve been using bits of handspun to make those.  I’ve also been having fun doing more dramatic neckwarmers and using stitch patterns for variety. As far as my standards go, I’m doing well. To others, this may seem bleak!

craft sale woolies

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