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And now it’s Christmas.  But I didn’t do any Christmas knitting this year (spoiler alert).   In fact, it’s not something I do very often.  A few people out there have gotten handknits for gifts over the years, perhaps when I was more ambitious.  Rich has received a few hats; my mom got a half finished scarf (which was finished later) and a pair of mitts; my sister, after moving to Florida, was given a zippered/felted pouch.  After several weeks of mad knitting of mitts, I just want to take a breather from the needles.  And by the time I’m ready to get back to it, Christmas is over.  Next year?

Question: Do you knit or crochet a lot of Christmas gifts?  Do you only give these gifts to certain people?  What is your favorite project of the year?  Of all time? 

2 thoughts on “friday’s question

  1. This year I sent my friends some crocheted hats. I don’t normally do that though… My mom wants a scarf thing, but I never made it to the store to buy the yarn. = I’ll make it, eventually.

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