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It is possible I have a bit of A.D.D.
The way I work at home goes something like this:

  • I am walking through the living room.
  • I see an empty glass on the side table, so I take it to the kitchen.
  • While I’m in the kitchen, I notice there are crumbs on the floor, so I sweep them up.
  • As I empty the dustpan, I see the garbage can is full, but I go upstairs to get the can in the bedroom to empty that one out too.
  • In the bedroom I see Olive and I want to snuggle with her.
  • Then I notice laundry that needs to be put away.
  • While I’m at my dresser putting away clothes, I see what a mess there is on top, so I start organizing the mess.
  • Eventually I end up back downstairs to find the garbage can empty with the bag sitting next it to and realize I was in the middle of taking out the trash. I may or may not remember to go back upstairs to get the bedroom trash can.

I tend to hop from one thing to the next and as soon as an idea for something pops into my head, I can’t help myself from starting on it immediately. I have tried to get more organized. In fact, I keep a small notebook with me at all times so I can write down new ideas and keep to-do lists. The main problem is that I forget to look at the notebook and therefore forget to look at my to-do list.

Wednesday night after I got home from dinner with my parents, I found my new shelves waiting. I so badly wanted to set them up and start piling on the fiber. However, I forced myself to wash the dishes and tidy up around the house first. Those dishes had been sitting there since Sunday and were starting to really irritate me, so I knew it would be best for everyone (meaning me) that I get the crap job out of the way and then had fun with the shelves. And I did it! Dishes got done, I played around with my new goodies. I took a few photos and then immediately put everything away. When I want something now, I want it now. And then I’m done with it.

Question: Are you antsy to try out a new “toy” When you have an idea for something, do you have to get started on it right away? What is your work process like? Are you very disciplined or more scattered?

2 thoughts on “friday’s question

  1. After working at home for a while, I find it easier to focus. I have dirty dishes in my sink right now, and it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. If you can, close the door to your office/wool room and block out everything else. you wouldn’t worry about the dishes or trash when you’re at the office! it takes a while though. i used to not be able to function at all without a clean house, now i “schedule” a house cleanup during my lunch break. it helps.

    and i’m the same way, i get something new and i have to try it RIGHT NOW. like those circular knitting needles. or new wordpress stuff. so i try not to get new things until i have time for them. lol

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only person who does things randomly around the house. LOL! Your day around the house sounds like mine. 🙂

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