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While getting ready for my next show (tomorrow, FYI), I discovered that I had used up all of the hanging tags that I printed last year.  I thought I had some left, but alas, I did not.  So I had to get out my computer, take it into the room where I keep the printer, connect them, pull out my fancy cardstock paper, print out a few sheets of tags, and then proceed to cut them up before I punched a hole in the top, threaded them, and attached with a tiny safety pin (after writing on them what the item is all about).  It’s a bit time consuming.  I keep wondering if there is a better way, but in the mean time, I am so happy I bought my little paper cutter!  I found it at Pat Catan’s in their scrapbooking department.  It just has a straightedge and sliding blade.  Super simple and such a huge help, especially after the year I cut out every single tag by hand with scissors.  Ever since then I would say my paper “trimmer” is one of the best non-fiber tools I have bought (not counting my computer).

 Question: What is your favorite non-fiber tool that helps you along with your fiber endeavors? 

Second question: So, it seems that these posts are basically my personal thought with a related question to the readers.  I have been enjoying putting them together and really love reading your responses.  But I’m not sure what I should call these.  “Friday’s Question” is a little boring.  Should the name have something to indicate it’s a regularly occurring entry?  Any thoughts?  Thank you as always!

One thought on “Friday’s question

  1. Right now, my favorite non-fiber fiber tool is my knitting journal. It’s basically ravelry in analog form and works without electricity or internet. It holds the stories behind the projects as well as all the necessary details like stitch counts and yardage.

    “Friday’s question” is pretty straight forward and I like it that way.

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