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This week I found myself leafing through past photos on Flickr. Mostly I was looking for inspirational color schemes for my logo. But as I was looking at the photos, I realized what a wonderful resource they were. I signed up for Flickr in 2006; the first photo, a hat in progress, posted on October 29. Even though I haven’t documented every single project ever made, it still gives me a good idea of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. It’s also quite obvious just how bad at using a camera I was at the beginning. Not to say I’m awesome now, but certainly improved. Sometimes I even come across a project and I’m surprised that I made it! When I decided to set up the account, I felt very intimidated, that my pictures wouldn’t be good enough. But now, five years later, I’m very glad I took the chance.

April's Hat in Progress
First photo on Flickr, Oct. 29, 2006. Hat in progress.

On this date in 2010, I posted three photos of handdyed Romney roving. It looks like last November was generally pretty slow! Outdoor house projects and prepping for the Christmas sale.

big bird overboard purple people-eater

Question: How long have you had a Flickr account? Do you like to go back and look at past projects? What is the very first picture you posted (please include a link)? What was happening in your life at this time last year?

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  1. ooo fun! looks like my first photos were put online in november 2007. but the photos are older than that. i want to say that i had flickr before though… i’m not sure, but that timeline doesn’t make sense to me because the photos that are up for then don’t make any sense considering i’d just moved to germany (or was about to). I think maybe what happened was I had a non-pro account and the photos from earlier were pushed off since you can only have 250 or whatever without paying. then i think i got a pro account so i could post tons of photos from europe and it re-added the oldest photos with the new date. or something.
    i don’t know, but pretty sure i used flickr before november 2007 since it was linked to my vox account and i know i posted pictures on my livejournal with it (like my old eef pics).
    This is what it is showing as the oldest photo though:

    but here’s one taken in 2006 which i’m pretty sure was when i was using flickr…

    who knows!!! I don’t go through my old flickr stuff too often. i change crafts a lot, and most of the time if i stopped doing something it was for good reason. lol I do go back through my illustrations fairly often and look for things to expand on or give a makeover to.

    These are the things i was doing around this time last year:

    look, now even my comments turn into books. =]

  2. Oooh! Fun post, this one got me thinking (and looking back!). I joined flicker in 2007 and I cant even really remember why. The first picture I posted was of Winston, and the first craft project I posted was of a felt wall hanging I was making with my mom for my sister. After that I posted a crochet baby blanket I made for a friend – this was before I was knitting well, or knitting anything at all really. This was when I was I was also sewing and selling patchwork hippie skirts on ebay…before my obsession with knitting, and wool, and spinning, and wood, and natural materials began 🙂 And I agree, its definitely nice to see how my photography skills have gotten (at least a little) better over time, but damn, its been a long slow learning process and I still need improvement!
    First picture:
    First craft:

  3. I feel like I’ve walked through all of this with you and it has been a privilege, like Diane Keaton’s mom and Diane. There was ALOT of gnashing of teeth in the beginning, but you persisted and it is great.

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