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I’m getting bored.

One thing I’ve always said about fiber arts is that you can’t get bored since there are so many different things to do with fiber. But I must be in a rut because I am getting bored. When I first embarked on this journey, I was much more adventurous and experimental. These days I just pull out another braid of top or roving from the stash, spin it like always, and move on to the next one. I know there are so many ways to spin and so many techniques to try and I need to start exploring them before I go completely mad!

Recently I got back to spinning from the fold. The first time I saw someone do this, I was mesmerized and intimidated. Now I find it enjoyable, although sometimes it seems that I am spinning from “the mass” instead of “the fold”, as the fiber can get a little out of whack and messy. I like it because my yarn has more loft and a bit of a hairy/fuzzy quality plus I get the occasional tuft for character.

The yarn below is Bluefaced Leicester and started as 4-5 different balls of dyed roving. I would work between two or three colors at a time, then switch to a different group of colors. Because I was spinning from the fold, I pulled the roving apart into pieces the length of the staple. I folded the piece over my index finger and pulled back to draft. I probably don’t do it exactly right, but I like it better than that inch worm thing you see all the time with top. Lofty and fuzzy!

"Gypsy" Handdyed BFL, bulky weight.


This one began as handdyed Lincoln roving and was also spun from the fold. It didn’t get quite as thick ‘n thin as the BFL, but it is hairy and lofty. Probably going to end up heavy worsted weight.

summer dress
"Summer Dress" Handdyed Lincoln


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