i think that funky smell is me.

Where I live, everything is relatively spread out. It is very rare to see anyone walking rather than driving to their destination. Few people actually live where business takes place. Regardless, I decided to walk to the post office this morning, as I had a couple etsy packages to go out. It is not what I would call “close”, but also not life threatening! I think I left around 9:30 and returned 11:15. I believe it got to 90 degrees today? Hence the stench. 😀

Rather than walking down a busy street without a sidewalk, I chose to venture through the residential neighbors between my house and the post office. Luckily it is Friday and guess what people do on the weekends? Sell their crap!! I stopped at two garage sales on the way there – nothing of note. However, while out, I kept seeing signs for the same sale over and over, but had no idea where it was because the streets didn’t have signs! Then, I saw a sign on the corner of the street and decided to make the turn. It would mean back tracking, but I did it anyone. Turned out to be a good idea!

She had several pieces of Pyrex and other glassware, but not in any patterns I collect. However, I bought this tall glass pouring thingy (what does one put in it?) made by Hocking; a pink clutch (I’m not wild about pink but I found it endearing); and a cast iron enamel sauce pan made in Belgium. All for $1.00. It was the best deal I’ve had all summer at a garage sale. And she was nice to chat with.

garage sale finds

On a completely unrelated note.. here is Phoebe sitting with on of my newest yarns. It will be added to the shop in a few days or something.

sitting pretty with yarn

4 thoughts on “i think that funky smell is me.

  1. I may be wrong but I think your pouring thingy (what a lovely descriptive turn of phrase you have–you write just like my husband and I talk!) was for Tang, that fake orange juice that they claimed the astronauts drank. I think they gave them away with purchase. I detest Tang, but it is a cool pitcher, looks very period.

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