good things come in furry packages

This weekend we attended the county fair. And while there, I inadvertently purchased a fleece.

Post-skirting. Wow – there was a lot of poop on this thing! VM, not so bad.

I had my selection of the competition fleeces and decided on a second place winner. This particular fleece is of the breed “Columbia” which I was told is a cousin of the Corriedale. From Sheep 101, I read that it originated from a cross between Lincoln and Rambouillet and is considered “all American”. I had my choice between Shropshire, Merino, Corriedale, Southdown and several others. I chose this one because I didn’t want something too fine and spongy. Also, it was very large – the man assisting me said it was the biggest one there, maybe 15 pounds. And it cost only $15. So, the game plan is to skirt the fleece, separate some for myself, and store the rest for the fiber show next spring where I will leave it in Zeilinger’s capable hands.

In addition to sheep, we visited with the cutest Pygmy goats at the fair. The babies are just hilarious! Sleeping and eating and trying to climb out. Check out my photostream for more goat pictures.

goat face

sleepy goat family

goat taller than becca?

goat face

2 thoughts on “good things come in furry packages

  1. “Inadvertantly”?!?! LOL

    There’s a sample of some Columbia spun up at Weaving Works—I’ve been coveting the remaining 4 ounces there for months. Really pretty!

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