hey folks!

Welcome to visitors directed here from Adrienne’s Blog!  I was so surprised and delighted to discover an increase in visits this morning due to my blog being spotlighted by a fellow knitter. How exciting is that!?  Every time I check my blog stats, I’m convinced that the hits are really just spam-bots that like to torment me into thinking someone might actually be reading this. Perhaps not, eh?

I noticed the other day that there were a lot of people who came here using the search terms “pieces of string too small to save”.  So I thought, does that mean that people are really looking for me or just curious about that phrase?  That made me curious about the phrase, which I hadn’t looked up before I claimed it.  As I might have mentioned before, I first heard it from Rich, who told me that his grandfather had a box with that written on it.  Apparently it was a rather common thing to do.  I found quite a few instances of grandmothers and grandfathers and such who had attics full of stuff and a box or jar labeled “pieces of string too small to save”.  We decided it must have been a phrase that was known to a certain generation of people via the farmers almanac or something.  I thought it was pretty neat. 

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