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Luckily we had no problems returning from the 12th century to the 21st century. In past years it has been rather difficult and traumatic, but we managed it quite well this time. I’ve just been vegging out all day, although not everyone has that luxury. On my list of things to do: laundry. And if the sun cooperates, take photos of the goodies I brought home. A lot of them are packed away in the front of the truck, so it may be awhile. I took some photos of camp, although for those of you who don’t quite know what you are looking at, it may be confusing… I’ll just share a few; there are more on Flickr.

front gate of Gryphon's Rest

Front gate of Gryphon’s Rest, our household. The sheetwall panels have our arms painted on them. Mine is the one on the left: green top, yellow bottom, squirrel. Most camps have some kind of entrance like this, displaying the name, with sheets for privacy and dust protection. Also keeps wanderers out of camp.

dining fly

This is our lovely new dining fly, seen a few weeks ago at the demo. We had one long table down the center where we sat for dinner. The kitchen area was also under there, which was a little bit tight. Next year we’ll move the kitchen out and get shelves for the storage shed.

before court

Here we are, Lady Genevieve and Lord Rickard, standing in front of his pavilion before leaving for Midrealm Court. We had just gotten circlets (which we have had the right to wear for several years and didn’t), so now we look semi-important. I have lots of sewing to do now that I’m home. Most of his tunics need to be taken in, especially in the sleeves. Apparently I didn’t measure very accurately when I made them.

We had a good year. Rickard and I went dancing several nights, which was a great experience since in our home shire it’s really hard to get people to dance. I went to a few classes, some good, some lame. Mostly I get frustrated and give up because there are so many women trying to get in, they just elbow you right out. I didn’t do a whole lot of knitting or spinning, although I did buy a new spindle and some wool. I did a little bit of weaving and learned a new felting technique. It was good to get away and relax. We even had good weather.

I almost forgot! Today is my 3 year anniversary of spinning! In 2005 I took the Turkish drop spindle class at Pennsic and here I am today. It’s really amazing what one little thing can do to change your life. For spinning, HOOBAH!

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  1. Im one of those people who is “not quite sure what Im looking at” but it looks fun and festive! Sort of looks like a renaissance fair but you camp there for 2 weeks?

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