by the way, my favorite color is green.

Apparently some nesting (or something similar) tendency has awakened in me… I can’t stop buying housewares! Eventually I’ll need them anyway, so I suppose it’s better to collect them a little at a time rather than having to shell out oodles of money all at once. Especially if I see things I like now, why not put them away for later? Later will be here sooner than I realize.

Saturday Cosy and Ben came for a little visit. We took them around to some of our favorite thrifting spots. First was Star Supply, which I won’t even try to explain. Then we went to the Village – Ohio’s Best Thrift Store. It used to be a JCPenney, so it’s big. While there, I found a little sugar and creamer with dish, a relish tray, and a nice grey sweater from the now long-gone Petite Sophisticate (because small people don’t need clothes). I also got a crockpot for dyeing but the jury is still out on whether it is functional. Richard is taking it to work to see if he can re-solder the shorted out bits.


Our next stop was the Goodwill. They have a great selection of housewares, but they ask a lot more money than the Village. Cosy and I seem to have very similar taste. It’s convenient when one finds something that doesn’t fit, it’s likely the other likes it too and will wear it, which was the case with a fantastic green cabled cardigan – it had bobble buttons. I washed it this afternoon. There were four green Pyrex dishes there, so we each took two home. And then today at the Flea Market, I found two mixing bowls, also green Pyrex, to add to my collection ($6). Additionally, I found three mugs similar in style to the lone mug, all for $1.

vintage pyrex


I’m putting all of the pieces together in one tote and calling it my “hope chest”. As in I HOPE I can get a job and move out this fall. I HOPE this semester doesn’t kill me. I HOPE I don’t crack and come crawling back to my parents’ house. I’ll keep you posted. 😀

3 thoughts on “by the way, my favorite color is green.

  1. Green Gals Unite!! My favorite shade borders on the absinthe/antifreezeside/apple of the spectrum, but MAN!! The pics you took of your new finds really made me just a tad envious.

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