MD here we come!

Ana and I are heading out to Maryland tomorrow afternoon. When we first planned this adventure back in February, it seemed so far away. But here we are. Scrambling around to get ready for the weekend. The forecast earlier said rain, but now it’s just 60s and clear, so hooray! I won’t need shorts, which I hate fervently. Or an umbrella, which is awkward.

In the end there are only two washed and ready fleeces. The last one, Tootsie, will have to wait for Great Lakes at the end of the month. I can’t say that I won’t go bonkers at the fleece sale and snag a few more for good measure. I have to bulk up for the fall season and next spring (hint: my business takes a lot of planning ahead).

Last week I had Rock the Vote sitting outside on the porch to dry, but every time I went out to check on it, the Mama Robin who is now living out there would get agitated, so I tried not to bother her. And then of course it rained, causing everything to feel damp, so I left it out a few days more to really dry out. The locks are incredible! Such beautiful little curls, I almost hate to process it. And quite soft too for a Romney cross. But I need some roving and this fleece, despite it’s lovely structure, has a lot of tiny VM that I don’t want to deal with on my own.

rock the vote

To be honest, I don’t know what to buy this weekend. Not sure if it’s better to go there with or without a list. Probably with. If you don’t have something in mind, you might just buy everything! But the thing is, I don’t really need anything. Believe me, I have heard the “I don’t need anymore fiber/yarn” line plenty of times and I always think that it’s a stupid thing to say when you came all the way out to a fiber show. Nobody needs any of this stuff. We all have crazy stashes and yet we keep going. I’ll probably buy something unrelated like maple cream or cheese. However, I’m not just there to browse, I am attending a class  and dropping off fleeces. Plus it’s just awesome to get out there and see all that stuff! It’s a great way to feel insignificant and lame and unaccomplished and lame.

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