mini update

At the moment I am taking a break from composing a research proposal that is due tomorrow.  It’s completely fictional and very irritating.

Apparently I’ve been busy this week, but certainly not with anything fiber related. The only two items of note are:

1.) I made my first sale at Etsy! Hoobah. I’m quite excited.

2.) I still have had no word from the Folk School. She called Friday, thinking she was missing some info, but was not. She said they had to discuss and would call me back in a little bit.  Well, by 9:00 pm I figured THAT wasn’t going to happen. They don’t have office hours over the weekend, so maybe today? Or maybe it’s just not happening.

I had to order some more dyes this week. My yellow and gold is almost out. Not surprising since I love green, orange and yellow.  Also they are both very weak colors and you need a lot to get a little, unlike red which I have an entire jar of.  I also got a real crockpot (one with low, med, high) and have not tried it yet. I do know it works. My three pounds of Hello Yarn fiber arrived over the weekend, so if all goes well, I may try to get a couple ounces done tonight. Although with laundry, dinner, homework, short attention span, it might not happen!

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