a misadventure in newark

It appears I have a bit of a saga to share.

Rachel, my indispensable, confident, and awesomely optimistic companion told me about something she and her friends used to do called “PMI” which stands for plus/minus/interesting. After a vacation or outing, they would categorize all the things that happened as either a plus, a minus, or simply interesting. I think that sounds like the perfect way to tell our tale. Remember when I said I was nervous about going? Apparently that apprehension was warranted.


  • Packing and unpacking the station wagon was so much easier than my sedan.
  • When I slammed on the breaks and a box of Eucalan came flying up from the back of the car and all the bottles shot out, we didn’t crash.
  • We were only 20 minutes from our destination when the car broke down.
  • We found out the fuel gauge was malfunctioning before we ran out of gas.
  • When the car died we managed to make it to a pull-off along the side of the road.
  • The state trooper didn’t find anything on me when he ran my driver’s license.
  • We didn’t hit the deer that ran across the road in front of us on the way home.
  • Gorgeous scenery and gorgeous weather.
  • I ate ribs for dinner on Saturday night.
  • We spent an hour roaming around Michaels coming up with ideas.
  • A woman bought an afghan’s worth of handspun yarn. I told her to send me pictures.


  • The fuel pump died and left us stranded on the side of the road.
  • The Econolodge wasn’t stellar.
  • I found a cigarette hole in the comforter on my bed.
  • The motel’s  “breakfast” at the motel was basically a few crusty pastries.
  • We didn’t realize the show was over on Saturday because there was no one there.
  • I had a total of three sales on Sunday.
  • I basically covered my expenses and that was about it.
  • I came home with a cold.
  • The GPS thought the “fastest” way home would be to drive 45 mph through a bunch of little towns.


  • The driveway I pulled into to repack the Eucalan that went sprawling through the car looked deserted, but no, the resident appeared immediately upon my stopping. He was able to drive behind me.
  • While we were pulled over, two guys stopped to see if we needed help. One loitered awkwardly, but he didn’t murder us.
  • We had some very informative conversations with the young woman at the garage while the car was getting fixed.
  • Explaining to everyone that Rachel was from Pittsburgh, I was from Youngstown, we were driving my parents’ car and we were going to a fiber show.
  • We saw the giant basket/office building where Longaberger headquarters is located.

So, I suppose it’s all in the way you think about things. I thought the car problems were an emergency, but Rachel determined it was merely a challenge. So, regardless of the setbacks, we had a great weekend together. And then yesterday we went to the outlets and bought bras. That would be considered a total success!

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    1. Really, it was quite unnerving. He just stood there and said, “Well, I really have to go to work now,” like he regretted it. And I quickly said, “Oh yes! We wouldn’t want you to be late!!”

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