monday — dye day

On Monday I dyed 4 pounds of Romney roving. It’s great stuff from Per Ardua Farm in Paris, Ohio. Usually I split my pounds into quarters (4 ounces each) and dye them one at a time. It sounds time-consuming, but I have three or four pots going on the stove, sometimes I have a couple crockpots cooking, and occasionally I bake fiber in the oven. I believe each of these methods has a name, like hot pour and cold pour, but I just do what I do and don’t think much beyond that.

Lately I’ve been trying to dye in larger batches for those people who can’t think of anything to do with 2.75 ounces or apparently 4 ounces. So far I’ve gotten up to dyeing 8 ounces of the same thing. It’s easier to do it when I bake the fiber in a turkey roasting pan. I can get 8 ounces in at one time and the colors don’t swim around as much. Plus it’s a little more predictable. I’ve been trying to write down the recipes so I can use them again later. Each of the ones below I’ve already done. The blue/purple came out just the same. The one at the far end didn’t really duplicate well. I am curious to try it again!

I’ve been thinking about selling these in 8 ounces rather than splitting them in half. Would these be more appealing as a single large amount or split into two smaller amounts?

roving drying

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  1. erin aka eef says:

    How pretty! I’d probably split them into two… But maybe offer $2 off or something if they buy multiples? =]

    • Gwen Erin says:

      Thanks! I was thinking of doing something like that — the discount. I’m just not sure how to relay the message to people. A sign? “Buy 2, get a discount!” No one reads signs..

  2. cosymakes says:

    splitting. i dye in 3 or 6 braid batches and mostly still sell singles.

  3. Liz says:

    So pretty. I’m trying to find the time to start dyeing some of the white roving that’s laying around. I would do like Erin said and offer discounts. Maybe if you put the sign on your wood racks right above the roving.

    • Gwen Erin says:

      Dyeing is fun and you should do it even just for the experience. And yes, I could clip a sign right on the shelf thingy. See if anyone takes notice… something to try next weekend!

  4. Barb says:

    Good ideas. Will you be in Wooster this week-end?

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