what’s in a name?

Laura asked if I’d given the Sonata a name yet. I told her no and asked if she had any suggestions. The Ashford is Eden and the Harp is Eleanor (named in part after an adorable little girl I had the pleasure of meeting at Pennsic – if anyone could convince me to change my mind about having children, it would be her). Anyway, it’s evident that I have an “E” theme going on and I don’t mind continuing it. So, Laura supplied me with this list of names:

Elaine, Effie, Eliza, Ella, Eloise, Elsa, Enid, Erica, Esther, Ethel, Eunice

I enjoy Enid, but my brain gets a bit frazzled between Eden and Enid. The wheel is quite fancy, so maybe Eloise or Eliza.. but Elsa is fun too. Caste your votes!And here are the cupcakes I made for my birthday. I wasn’t sure if making one’s own cake was something one just didn’t do, but I was assured it was fine. But having to encourage people to sing – that was a little ridiculous. And yes, I realize the photo isn’t crisp, but I like that about it!

birthday cupcakes

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