now and laters

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I like lanaset dyes the best.  Over the years (all 2 of them) that I’ve been experimenting with dyeing, lots of different dyes have passed through my kitchen.  Of course it started with Koolaid, and then Wiltons, Jacquard Acid dyes, Country Classics, Easter egg tablets, and Lanaset about a year ago.  Koolaid will always have a special place in my heart – I love the way it smells! And it’s likely that I will keep the Wiltons around just in case.  But Country Classics has not inspired me.  As far as Jacquard… I’m not sure. They’re probably not terribly different than Lanaset, but there’s something about the Lanaset dyes that I really enjoy.  I made up stock solutions, so it’s much easier to document the measurements.  Being that I still have quite a bit of Jacquard dye powder in my drawer, I think I’ll use it up and not order more.  Unfortunately Lanaset dyes are not as readily available as others.  However, Sheep Hollow in Oregon has several different kits, including a kit that is a companion to the Twisted Sisters book.  At the moment I’m looking at her individual dyes as my yellow and gold are quickly diminishing.  I think I’ll also order orange and teal green while I’m at it too.

Yesterday  I put in a yarn order at KnitPicks.  I bought some more Bare worsted weight for fingerless mittens; two skeins of Felici in Clay to make a pair of socks for my dad; and three colors (avocado, daffodil, and maple syrup) of Wool of the Andes to make potholders for my cousin’s wedding present. Oh, I also got the colorcard for Wool of the Andes heathers. I restrained myself from getting another circular needle.  The last time I ordered from them I got the Harmony needles in sizes 4 and 6, 16″.  Unfortunately, I have not used them yet!  Which is why I decided not to get any more at this point.

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