progress and beginnings

Hilarious! Somehow I manage to spin the most even yarn in my personal history directly following the fiber show and skein competition. The worst part: I’m not entirely sure what happened. I spun it on the middle ratio and predrafted all the roving. It was not plied via center-pull ball, rather I spun two separate bobbins and plied them. Of course it’s not perfect, but I am very pleased. I was also trying to work on lighter weight yarns. Every time I think I’ve got a worsted weight, it’s closer to heavy worsted or bulky. I didn’t measure this one yet, but it feels lighter to me. Although apparently I’m not a good judge.

disco is dead
Disco is Dead. Blue-faced Leicester, handdyed using Wiltons Icing Dyes.

While I’m here, I’d like to share this lovely handknit item: 

my first "sock"

It is my first sock from May/June 2005. It was supposed to be a tube sock, but it resembles more closely a golf club cozy.  I knit it during my ‘acrylic is awesome’ phase. The yarn was Red Heart and of course I just thought it was fantastic and inspiring. Now I barely glance at the yarn department in craft stores. Overall the knitting isn’t bad. There are a few spots of blah, though.

bad ribbing  top of "sock"

I screwed up the ribbing right away, but managed to “fix” it and continue on. You can see the switch-a-roo in the second photo. That didn’t really fix it though, because I have two ribs that are larger than the others. There are a few other minor things. And the decrease isn’t too bad. I guess I decided that because of it’s incredible wideness, I wouldn’t bother making the length to match. Funny!

3 thoughts on “progress and beginnings

  1. hmmm. i wonder if, since you’re a big yarn knitter you’ll also be a big yarn spinner. i’ve been working on the thinner yarns and boy! do they take a while to make.

    does the sock fit? are there two of them?

  2. wow… such pretty, pretty yarn! You really ae drawn to those lovely leafy greens, aren’t you? A girl after my own heart.

    That is the cutest little sock ever! I have to admit, one of the reasons I didn’t pick up knitting much earlier is that I really, truly hated acrylic, and I though that knitting with wool would somehow hurt. 🙂 It’s funny, I hate acrylic because when you put it between your teeth, it squeaks. Not that I go about putting yarn between my teeth all the time, but the fact I know that it does that bothers me to no end…

  3. Disco is Dead; long live disco! It’s beautiful. I have the opposite problem… I tend to spin insanely fine singles, wishing for bigger ones. I go all week in the knees when I see the thicker yarns. Someday you’ll have the perfect combination of timing and consistency for a skein competition!

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