socks.. they’re haunting me.

I have a burning desire to knit a pair of socks.

I can’t say for certain the last time I actually successfully knitted an entire pair of socks. To Ravelry! Ok, wow. The last pair of socks I made were finished in 2008. That was the self-striping pair for my dad, who still has not worn them out of fear of destroying them. Just this weekend we had everyone over for a birthday party and I told him how hardy handknit socks are. In fact, I told everyone that I tend to wear my socks for days (and nights) at a time! I think it grossed them out a bit. meh.

dad socks
Dad's first (and only) pair of socks. 2008.

Other than that pair, I have two who are haunting me with their perpetual unfinishedness. Also in 2008 I decided to join my first KAL, Summer of Socks. I got one sock completed for myself, but abandoned it to start a pair for my mother. I had selected two patterns that were more than just stockinette, and perhaps that was the key to my failure. I could handle the cables on my pair, but the lattice on my mom’s sock proved too time consuming. Since this double epic fail, I have not tried to knit socks. Perhaps I felt that I needed to complete these projects before I could move on to a new one. I have decided they will remain UFO’s forever. Time to start fresh with a new pair! And nothing fancy this time.

BFF sock
Half of a pair of socks for me.
snicket in progress
Cuff of my mom's sock (never finished).

3 thoughts on “socks.. they’re haunting me.

  1. I have been wanting to knit socks forever. It was one of my new years goals like 4 years ago – and I still havent done it. Ugh! I need to find a really easy basic sock pattern and get on it!

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