sort of like rolags

This indiscriminate heap is actually a basketful of rolags. Admittedly, I am not very good at handcarding. Also, these rolags were stuffed in a bag and dragged around for a few weeks, not placed orderly in a box or basket. And I realize the color is not terribly inspiring. These are from a fleece I bought at the NYSW fleece sale. It’s a Corriedale/Lincoln/Border Leicester cross — so soft and shiny! If it still looks dull when I finish spinning it, I’ll just overdye it. You always have options.

Corriedale/Lincoln/Border Leicester "rolags"

2 Responses to sort of like rolags

  1. April says:

    “You always have options.”

    For whatever reason, I’m finding this sentence very inspiring.

  2. Jan Shriver says:

    “Indiscriminate”. What a great word.

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