summer of socks

I joined something! Weeee. All semester I’ve wanted to join a knit-along, but time contraints prevented it. However, I have a meager THREE DAYS left of the semester and then I am FREE from the shackles of education. So, I read about the Summer of Socks ’08  via Zhenya’s blog and decided to hop on board.  I thought of you, Christabel, when I saw this!

2 Responses to summer of socks

  1. Christabel says:

    Gwen! Only three days left? That’s awesome! Congratulations dude. May your summer be full to the brim with socks.

  2. zhenya says:

    Congratulations, and welcome to the sock-a-long! I may be crazy, but I’ve actually signed up to do this one WHILE finishing my dissertation this summer… should be a nail-biter! Enjoy your final days of school! -Z

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