sunday confessions 07/22

It’s been a very busy week both for work and other activities. We’re getting ready for camping and I’m getting ready for a show that is the weekend after we get home. Plus I am not sleeping very well. I hope my vacation is actually something of a vacation.

I ate two Jimmy Johns sandwiches in one day. On Wednesday I met a friend there for lunch and I knew that I wouldn’t feel like cooking dinner, so I decided to get a sandwich for Rich to eat later. But since I thought I may be a little hungry by then, I got one for me too. Every time I eat one I think, “I could eat another right now.”

I like power tools. Especially sanders. I like using a power sander. And I want my own drill.

Sometimes I wish I’d taken woodshop in high school. Except that I am incredibly clumsy and would have cut off my fingers. Not to mention I’d never be able to make anything usable because I am the most inexact person ever. Even tape measures can’t help me. If it was a something with legs, it would wobble. If it was supposed to have a flat surface, it would not be level. You get the picture.

That’s all you get.

4 thoughts on “sunday confessions 07/22

    1. Hi Sammantha! Thanks for stopping in – I will definitely check out your blog. And yes, Jimmy Johns might make the best sandwiches ever. There’s just something magical in the combination of flavors… plus they aren’t so big you can’t finish them!

  1. I LOVE Jimmy John’s. Sooo good. What sandwich do you usually get?? I love the italian night club. So delicious. And now I’m starving and it’s what, 6:30 a.m.?
    Anyway, have a good week, and thanks for linking up!

    1. I go back and forth between the veggie one (no cucumber and extra sprouts) or the turkey (extra sprouts if i remember). But they are all good! I’m going to a show in Columbus next month and I was super excited to find out that a Jimmy Johns is close by the site!

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