sweater vest done.

Apparently I finished the sweater vest. Overall it’s acceptable, considering it’s my first large non-hat, non-bag project. The crocheted edge was a pain in the butt. I’m not sure I do it correctly. How hard can it be? It’s crochet for Pete’s sake. The straps are a tad on the narrow side and they keep curling, so I hope a good blocking will fix that.  The gauge is way off, I’m sure, but I couldn’t be bothered to start over.  For next time I’ll try a little harder.  There’s a bit of variation in the color that is quite nice.  I’m glad I dyed it instead of buying a solid color.  My only quibble with it… I think it makes me look chunky.

Yarn: Knitpicks Bare Bulky, handdyed

Needles: #10, 29″ circ.

Pattern: Scoop neck Vest from Speed Knitting by Kris Percivel

sweater vest 03

sweater vest 02

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  1. Judy Brown says:

    Hi Gwen, You look great…don’t forget, the camera always adds at least ten pounds, according to height, and your knitting is quite beautiful, as well. Keep up the good work…I am having a lot of fun reading through your web site. Happy Birthday!!!! Judy

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