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Literally!  I got home from archery practice tonight and ran into the living room where two large boxes were waiting.  Not fleeces (sad face), but something else that is equally exciting!  I have been anticipating their arrival since last Thursday.  So what is contained in these mysterious boxes?


Why it’s Eucalan!  Lots and lots and lots of lovely, fragrant Eucalan Delicate Wash!  After using this product for several years on everything from nylon stockings to grandma’s quilt (not to mention every wool item I own and have ever made), I decided to inquire about a wholesale account.  Why not start offering it with all the other goodies at my booth?  What could be better than to give a gift of mittens or yarn and include a bottle of wool wash along with it?

unpacking eucalan

kitty in a box

I decided to start out with a bang and ordered their Starter Kit, which contains a sampling of almost everything they sell.  Wool wash in three sizes: sample size, small bottles, and large bottles; stain wipes; lint remover sheets; gift packs; brochures.  It also comes with a display.  The great thing about this is that it is flexible, just like every other aspect of my set-up.  If I have plenty of space, I can bring the whole display; if I have a small table, I can bring just a few items.  I’m excited to be part of the Eucalan family now!  Wool wash anyone?

eucalan display

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