interlude of thrift-thoughts

This weekend I visited a few flea markets, but didn’t bring anything home. I’m trying to not just buy things for the sake of buying them.  I want to buy things I need and like and those things just happen to be vintage.  As I perused the wares, several things came to mind.  I can’t believe how much stuff there is out there!  So many neat pieces of people’s lives waiting for a second chance.

I have been talking to my mom about collecting housewares.  She tells me about all the things she had when she first moved out or when she was young.  She told me that she used Pyrex refrigerator dishes when they came out and she didn’t see what the big deal was about them. I saw a lot of them at the flea market and I can’t help being drawn to them.  I find it humorous how people my age are rediscovering all these great old things that our mothers used and discarded.  What do you mean refrigerator dishes aren’t sensible? I can see us 20-somethings really excited about glass Pyrex dishes especially with the weirdness around plastic right now.

One of the vendors asked me what I collected.  It made me realize I haven’t actually thought about it that way.  I just need things for my [future] house/apartment.  I told her I bought some Pyrex, but I don’t consider it collecting.  It seems that buying kitchen gear for a nonexistent kitchen leads to some confusion.

PS. Stay tuned for photo updates! I started weaving again. 😀

One thought on “interlude of thrift-thoughts

  1. I’m looking forward to the weaving photos and story. I’m an on again off again thrifter. Sometimes you find fantastic finds and sometimes you get the shaft, so to speak, no pun intended!

    Thanks for swapping the link to the craft blog. I somehow think you’ll enjoy reading there more than the biking blog. Though I do sometimes post fantastic pictures of my bruises and various wounds!

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