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A question for dyers: Are there any agreed upon names for the different methods of dyeing?  I read the Twisted Sisters book and they had cold-pour and hot-pour (I think).  The former being the saran wrap and steam method and the latter being the pot of water on the stove method.  So, that’s all well and good, but aren’t there other things out there that people are doing?  What is kettle dyeing? What is dyeing in a crockpot? Why is that different from using a stockpot on the stove? What is putting fiber in a dish without water and baking it in the oven or microwave? How do these compare?  

A knitting anecdote:  This morning before class, I sat in the big lounge where people go to sleep/study/talk about stupid things.  It was pretty full, so I couldn’t sit in a quiet corner away from anyone else.  Instead, I parked in between two girls who both had their cellphones out.  I brought out my knitting and on either side of me, they were typing away text messages. It was an amusing sight, I’m sure.  I was working on my Cosy Train Tam, which is coming along quite nicely. I’ve gotten to the decreases.  Before I left the house, I used the nostepinne to rewind the two separate balls into one ball.  It’s a lot less to carry now, which is why I brought it to school with me.

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  1. i’m generally unsure about the technical names of things, but i’ll give it a shot. hot pour and kettle dyeing both are stove top methods. kettle dyeing is fiber, water, and dye brought up slowly to temperature. as it heats, the dye moves around and attaches to the yarn in different spots. i actually quite like my results from kettle dyeing. i don’t think there’s an official name for dyeing in a crock pot, but it seems to me to be close to a slow kettle dye. i generally have really liked my roving from the crock pot. i’m sure that where and how the dye attaches to the fiber is affected by the slow slow heating rate – so in my opinion, that’s how it would differ. as to baking, i have no idea if that has a particular name 🙂 as to baking without water – i think your color will stay more put. hope that helps! sorry for the long answers…

    p.s. love the story. don’t you feel so counter-cultural? i always think that i have more in common with old ladies than others my age 🙂

  2. Gotta love knitting in public!

    I’m not sure of the technical names for any of the dying… I think what i do is probably some sortof combo of actual techniques. I do the microwave/saran wrap steam.

  3. Not sure, in fact, if it is ‘technical’. I think it’s more to do with marketing…someone teaching crock pot dyeing will call it exactly that…it’s a variant of an existing process, just using a different receptacle. But somehow using a crock pot makes it easier? simpler? more approachable? Don’t know. But I know people get more excited when I say I dye in a coffee jar, than they do if I say I use the LWI technique. sigh.

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