usual assortment

Sharing some new yarns. As I mentioned before, I really have enjoyed the new Columbia fleece I bought at the county fair. I’m going to take out a few pounds so I can continue to process it myself, but the rest is going to Zeilinger’s to become roving. I love the texture in this! It’s almost so textural it morphs into a single clump.


Here is a Corriedale yarn made from two separate colorways I had listed in the shop. They were each dyed only two colors, so not overly interesting when there are 400 other options available. I decided to take them down and spin them myself. I like the way the colors came together. I’ll probably list this on Etsy eventually.

on the boardwalk


Yesterday I bought some green ribbon to use as a reinforcement on the back of my cardigan’s button band. Whenever I buttoned it up, the knitting stretched quite a bit making it look like it was too small. I thought having green would be a fun little detail.
thomas bathing

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  1. Muriel says:

    I can smell your cat’s breath. I think our cats should have a Breath Match and see which one keels over first. Or falls in love. Cats are weird that way.

  2. Sourire11 says:

    I think the green ribbon as backing will be super-cute!

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