what is that ugly thing?

Oh, it’s wool dyed with Black-eyed Susans.

tan disappointment

I am just not having any success with this natural plant dyeing business! My first two things came out yellow – one Queen Anne’s Lace and the other Eucalyptus. Now this! Arg. I soaked the crap out of those flowers, I guess there just weren’t enough of them. It’s annoying because the dye bath was a nice orange-y sort of color, then I put in the wool and suddenly it was this dull tan. Cheers. I can dye wool tan. I am awesome.

7 thoughts on “what is that ugly thing?

  1. Heh… You know, I agree with Christabel, I think you’re problem is the branding of your new color. Obviously, you need to take a walk through Home Depot’s paint department and look at all the names for taupe that some other poor soul has come up with.

    And if that doesn’t make you feel any better, you could always redye it, no?

    I never would’ve guessed that was the color you were going to get… I think I’ll stick to the”bad for you dyes” when I get around to trying this whole dyeing art on for size.

    Oh my,no pun intended…. silly me.

  2. the vital elements in plant dyes are the quality of the water…and the magic ingredient, time! i don’t have any trouble at all getting vivid colours – no adjunct mordants either….see website for pix if you like

  3. I love this! Sometimes the color your weren’t looking for is still nice. I really like this! Is the picture close to the in-person color? It’s really neat, in spite of it not being orange.
    If you can find an old copy of Reader’s Digest “CRAFT”, they have an incredible section on dyeing -and every other craft in the world – with charts and tables. You’ll know for sure how to get all those colors you crave.
    I hope you stick with the natural dyes, because it’s not something I see enough. It’s really cool.

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