yarn always emerges

This weekend we took our first real step towards beginning our final research project.  We had to drive 40 minutes to a retirement community for a tour.  I was not overly enthusiastic about the whole thing, mostly because it just meant I’d have to go back again and again.  The facility is very nice and huge!  We were there about an hour before piling into the car and heading home.  Since the general consensus was to take a different route home, I suggested driving through a particular town where I knew a yarn shop lived.  We stopped there to browse and it was so cute!  I’m the only knitter in the group of three, but the other two ladies meandered around the store like pros – squishing yarns and thumbing through books and patterns.  I bought a skein of sock yarn and Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book Patterns – something I’ve been holding out on since September.  After shopping, we walked down to an English pub for lunch.  It was a nice surprise, turning a school trip into a yarn stop!

I started knitting the socks for my dad.  Rather than following a specific pattern, I’m using the charts in Budd’s book.  It’s quite exciting.  I have pictures to share, but they are still on the camera and I haven’t had time to get them off and adjusted.

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