something new from something old

Remember these little cuties? I’ve been carrying them around for nearly a year, but sadly not many people have been willing to take them home.

“What do you do with them?” They would ask me.
“Uh… buttons? Jewelry? Stuff? Get creative!” I’d reply.

felted balls

But I should know better by now. It’s not enough to have the supplies there. You need to help people figure out what to do with them either by providing patterns or examples. So I have finally started making SOMETHING with my “wee felt balls”. Here are my latest creations!


It’s exciting to be trying something totally different. Not knitting. Not spinning. Not weaving. Jewelry making! I’ve gone to several craft stores and stocked up on beads, findings, everything. Just playing and experimenting. I started with bracelets, but really I could just about make anything. We’ll see where this goes.



8 thoughts on “something new from something old

  1. These are SO cute ! Would you like me to take a few of them to the Butler and see if they will sell them in the gift shop. They are getting ready for the Christmas season already.

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