a finished pair

I am calling these my “Anti-SAD Socks”. They are banishing Seasonal Affective Disorder quite efficiently. Between the cheerful, sunny colors and the fact that I completed them in under a week, it’s hard not to get excited. If you come over to the house I might even throw them in your face (sorry, Rich).

anti-sad socks

They were finished yesterday afternoon while the Steelers were beating the Browns, and I was sitting alone in my office at the back of the house enjoying some music. I followed April’s instructions on the heel, plus I watched a Cat Bordhi video that she suggested and everything went just fine. I skipped the part where you put in a lifeline and simply picked up the stitches with my DPN. But I left the four stitches on the needles at the corners as suggested and I had no gapping! They are spectacular and I couldn’t be happier.

anti-sad socks

Even before I got to the heels, I was nervous because I hadn’t done Kitchener stitch in ages. However, I did it five times with no problems. That’s two heels, two toes, and one toe re-do. So maybe seven years of knitting has finally paid off. Maybe I’m finally getting the hang of this stuff. Maybe I’m getting to the point where I don’t have struggle with every little thing. What a concept.

And I’m not kidding when I say this is my first completed pair of socks since 2008 and I only have two others to my name.


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