a preview and a thought

I realize this year has not been so great as far as Etsy updates are concerned.  I began focusing on live shows and wasn’t able to keep up with the online portion of the business.  One only has so many hours with which to work and 10 of them each day are consumed by something I don’t want to be doing.  I had planned on doing a massive update once the shows were over, but then it was summer and I am never very fiber-active in the summer.

Now it is September again, the weather is cooling down and I hope to restart the Etsy and get it moving before fiber fest season starts again.  Part of the problem is just finding time to update the thing!  Adding items to one’s Etsy shop is time-consuming and I am rarely home weeknights.  And no one spends time surfing the web on weekends.  So therein lies the problem.  Do I update when I have time and hope you find it or do weird sporadic weekday updates and still just hope you find it?

Regardless, here are a few items you can expect to find in the Etsy shop this week.  The current fibers are Corriedale, Romney, and Falkland.  More to come!


3 thoughts on “a preview and a thought

  1. I might be the odd one here but I’m often perusing the interwebs on the weekends. Plus, I follow the RSS feeds for my favorite shops. So, update when you can even if it is Saturday afternoon.

    1. Well, thank you! I suppose updating at any time is better than not updating at all, right? It’s looking like Saturday will be the day for now anyway, since it’s Thursday night already and I haven’t gotten to it. oh well!

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