a weaving to-do list

I’ve been rebitten by the weaving bug. After making up my mind to weave at Tuesday night SCA meetings, and therefore realizing not every project has to take 6 months to complete, I’ve become reenergized by the possibilities before me. This weekend I pulled out my two best (and only) rigid heddle weaving books. Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport gives you the broadest idea of what you can do with this sort of loom. There really are more options than some people let you believe.

Speaking of, I find it very frustrating when veteran weavers try to make you feel bad about buying a rigid heddle loom. Every time I talk to someone (who has many years experience) about them, they always tell me, “As soon as you get it, you’ll want a bigger loom.” Well, I’ve had this loom for almost two years. Sadly, I haven’t made a lot of things on it, but that isn’t the loom’s fault. It’s mine. But more importantly, I do NOT want another loom. Ididn’t want a giant 4-harness thingy-bob floor loom two years ago when I decided on the Kromski Harp. Maybe with the single heddle, you can’t do crazy weave patterns, but I can still make impressive things and I won’t need half the state of Ohio to help me warp it!

So, what do I want to make? I want to do something using the full width of the loom, 24 inches. Perhaps a shawl? Also, I want to use my handspun yarn at least for the weft if not warp. And I need to make a bag to put the loom in when traveling. I had thought about weaving the fabric, but that would take a while and for all the time I’d be weaving it, I wouldn’t have the bag to use for transportation! So maybe that ought to be priority – of course, after I finish the woolly cushions.

Logically speaking, I can’t invest 100% energy into every interest I have, otherwise I might spontaneously combust. So, it seems as though weaving might be snatching a higher percentage of my time in the next few months. Weee!

2 thoughts on “a weaving to-do list

  1. I’m so sorry to hear the frustration you’ve had with other weavers and your rigid heddle loom. I know I’ve heard the same comments before from other weavers too. Plain weave on a rigid heddle loom is simple, easy and absolutely beautiful. And it’ll be even more exquisite when you use your handspun!

  2. It’s that time thing. I too have many interests and very little time which means I am frustrated daily by the things I didn’t accomplish and the impossible list of creative goals that I will never meet. Make time for this. It’ll be beautiful.

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