another event behind me

Being at Handmade Arcade was not as terrifying as I had anticipated. You see, I tend to build things up in my mind. I run through all the possibilities of failure and then I can’t get past assuming one of those things is bound to happen. Even though experience has taught me that it’s never as bad as I think it will be, I can’t stop my mind from going down that path. So, prepare for the worst, hope for the worst. Oh, it’s hope for the best, that’s right.

Did you know it was also my birthday on Saturday? It may have been the most unremarkable birthday I’ve had in a long time. I insisted on telling people throughout the day that it was my birthday, just so someone knew. That’s what you get for surrounding yourself with strangers on your “day”.

Again, I have pictures, but they are trapped in Rich’s phone and by the time I get them they will no longer be relevant. Maybe I need to break down and get a smarty-pants phone myself.

It was a successful event. I’m so used to long minutes dragging by where no one is even in the room let alone looking at my items, that having a constant stream of people was staggering. They were interested! They were weird! They were buying! It was a good feeling, selling to people who weren’t just trying to do me a favor. They bought stuff because they actually wanted it. How nice.

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