au naturelle

It’s kind of funny when I think about how many things I use and make but do not sell. For instance, undyed yarn and fiber. I love spinning the natural colors and I use the yarn quite regularly. In fact, many of my mittens consist of a dyed yarn combined with a natural colored yarn, so I’ve got lots of it around. However, I never thought that anyone else might want it. I’ve only sold brightly colored yarns, but maybe someone out there might really love a chocolate brown or a silver grey. Why not? I’ve literally got bags of the stuff waiting to be spun. And it would be one less step for me, not having to dye it.

I think I will start with these two skeins I found in my personal stash. The one in the upper left corner is new from this summer. It’s a Romney/Coopworth X singles. In the lower right corner is a 2-ply BFL/Border Leicester X with silk noils. That one has been hanging around since 2007. Maybe it’s time to find it a new home.

two skeins

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