Back to those batts…

I spent two days last week working with my drumcarder, experimenting with color, texture, fiber. It was much more interesting than any other time I’d spent with Whiskers. The sandwich technique helped me to incorporate several different colors/fibers without overblending. I used to put one color through, than another, and card it again and again. It blended them quite effectively, but perhaps too much. Plus I wasn’t using high contrast colors. So they were nice, but not striking.


I realized that, having an older machine with short teeth, I will never have those huge, lofty batts I’ve seen other places. It is what it is. Rich suggested layering a couple batts to get a heftier weight, since individually they are rather small. Also, I’ve been working on a few different tagging options. Along with the ribbon, I have a small, brief tag or a longer tag with more info. At this point I am not sure how I want to display these or label them. Suggestions?

Longer, more informative tag.
Smaller tag with logo only.


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  1. Hi
    I have a couple of ideas for ‘packaging’ the batts..Just my opinion, but here it is for what it is worth.
    I personally don’t like the ribbon for a couple of reasons. !) your eye goes to the busy ribbon instead of the batt. 2) When the batts are stacked, and people start picking them up and putting them back down, some of the tag corners are going to get caught in the bow loops and/or the batt fiber. 3) the bows look untidy.

    I also think that when vending, it is best not to give the customers the loose end of the batt to fiddle with because with enough fingering, it will begin to look messy. Soooooo, what would I do instead? I would lay the batt out on a table and then fold one end to the middle, then fold the other end to meet in the middle. Now roll the batt up jelly-roll style, which will encase the two loose ends in the middle and away from fiddly fingers. Secure the rolled batt around the middle with a ball band printed with your logo, fiber content, weight and price. These rolled batts stack nicely and still show the pretty layered colors. Remember if you are putting them in a basket to line the basket with fabric so the basket doesn’t snag them. An aside, is that black fabric will allow the colored bats to show off well.
    Hope this is helpful.

    1. Thank you, Ann! That is definitely some good incite and will give me much to consider. I will need to do some further experimenting. I had planned on keeping the info brief, but I suppose I ought to include the weight at least. Again, I appreciate your feedback!

  2. Re: the tags, I personally want more information than less: weight and fiber content (not necessarily down to precise percentages, but listed in order from most to least?) to start with.

  3. I like the little tags, but love Ann’s idea to. BTW what is a ball band. I would at least want to know weight. It helps so much when figuring things out.

    1. A ball band is that thing they put around yarn skeins to tell you the weight/content/etc. I use them on my yarn and braids.

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