best ever

It is possible that I have the most amazingly thoughtful and awesome husband EVER to exist!  He takes me to wool shows!  He suggests road trips to yarn stores!  He buys me tools without needing a suggestion!  He helps me with my business, encourages me to keep trying, and just plain loves me.  Wow.

And he came through again for my birthday!  He gave me my gift and card, saying I had to open the gift first, not the card.  Once I removed the paper, I knew what it was.  He said if I guessed, he’d take it back, so I kept my mouth shut.  But I was right – it was the fast flyer for my Kromski Sonata!  Squeeee!!!  The package, however, said “Fast Flayer”.  Keep those fingers outta there!  And inside the card, he wrote, “Good for one overnight trip to The Woolery”.  Waaah!!  Of course we have to wait until the weather improves, but gee whiz, how cool is that?  I’m going to save my money from the show this weekend and take it to the Woolery.  Neverending thrills.

kick-ass birthday presents!
Books from my mother-in-law and flyer from Rich.
dyed on my birthday
Dyed on my birthday.


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