cats are people too!

My mother volunteers for an organization called Cats are People, Too! here in Ohio. Each year they hold a fundraising event called the Spay-ghetti Dinner where they have many gift baskets to raffle off in addition to the meal. You can read more about the event at their blog.

This year my mom asked for one of my tea cozies to put in her basket. She selected her favorite pot from my collection and I got to work. The one she chose was an odd shape with a squat body and a flat top, so I had a few different ideas. Of course it ended up nothing like my original vision. I started with ribbing to keep the fabric tight against the curve of the pot. For the body I used a stitch pattern called woven stitch. At the top the pot was totally flat with a rim at least an inch wide, so I had to change the angle of the fabric fast. I decreased and changed over to reverse stockinette stitch. After I finished the knitting, I went back and added a little embroidery stitch in yellow and used that yarn for the button loops. The purple, yellow, and blue-green were inspired by the original colors on the pot itself.

purple teapot sweater

purple teapot sweater

And for cat lovers, here is Olive in her relocated basket. She will sit in it now that it resides in front of the window.

olive in her basket

in front of the window

2 thoughts on “cats are people too!

  1. Love your teapot cozy! I don’t know that I could part with a teapot and its cozy! And now I really miss my cat. Yours is precious, sinning like that! Love how they get in their moods. So feline! πŸ™‚

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